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Each product is unique and needs, depending of use, his own material. In addition to the long-time accepted plastics you can also find a lot of special plastics for your use:

  • High performance plastics: LCP, PA-MXD6, PEEK, PPS, PESU, PPA, PSU, PAR, PA12, PA4.6, PA6/66T, PA6/6T-LDS, PEI

  • Technical plastics: PA6, PA6.6, PA blends, PBT, PBT blends, PSU, PC, PC-PET, PC-PBT, PC-ABS, PC-COPO, PET, MABS, POM, PPE,  PSU, PMMA, SAN, ASA

  • Thermoplastic elastomers: TPE, TPE-V, TPU,

  • Standard plastics: PE, PEHD, PELD, PP, PS, SB, ABS,

  • Plastic fillers: GF, LGF, GK, CF, M, PTFE, steel fibre

And what plastics do you need?

material certification report plastic raw material synthetic granules

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