Schmid Plastics Technology: plastic technology with the latest technology

For the production of high precision plastic parts and injection moulding parts, complex assemblies and system solutions, we operate a machine park, equipped with the latest technology:

  • 25 injection moulding machines
  • 16 stations Central dry-air dryers, additional single dry-air stations
  • 165-2000 KN clamping forces
  • 0,1 to 400 grams parts weight

Manufacturing processes related to our injection moulding manufacturing are

  • freely falling injection moulding in large and small batches
  • micro injection moulding, insert moulding
  • 100% automated quality inspection
  • automated assembly steps

Individual logistics concepts for our customer complete our performance spectrum.

Take advantage of our experience of the plastics technology!
plastics technology deposition cooling section automated plastics processing plastic sampling by injection moulding

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